Community Events

Penn PRIDE Camps:

For years, Team 135 had summer camps for kids in middle and elementary schools and this summer, FTC joined into to help with the camps. The camps we helped with were Architecture, Design, Creativity, and Build-A-Bot. Each camp had different projects that were designed to get the kids interested in STEM while giving them a fun time over the summer. At each camp, we also gave demonstrations of the Penn FIRST robots.


Northpoint Science Fair:

January 25 was Northpoint Elementary Science fair here, we brought back the dean bot but on a different drivetrain. The drivetrain that Penn Robotics’ dean cutout was put on was a holonomic drivetrain that we dubbed (at least for now) holonomic robot. The science fair went very well and we brought two robots for kids two drive one being the holonomic bot, with the cutout of dean on it. As we normally do instead of just talking to kids about what FIRST is and why they should join robotics, we gave a demonstration of what we build and what our robots are able to do. We also allowed the children from the crowd of people that wanted to drive the robots, to drive around the robots with some rather simple instruction.


Purdue FIRST Forums Presentation:

Today our team attended FIRST Forums at Purdue and gave a presentation on the engineering notebook to FTC teams. Braden and Dominic presented right after lunch along with two Penn FRC members. Our engineering notebooks that won awards from last season were also on display for teams to look over and make their own observations about. We had an amazing attendance to our presentation with an almost full room! We showed teams how to organize their notebooks and how to make the layout nice looking and easy to find things in. We also talked to them about social media presence, such as how to run a twitter page and website. The audience was very receptive to our advice and asked many questions. We were asked by many teams for a copy of our presentation, and we were even contacted after the event and thanked for presenting by team 12231! We gained valuable presentation experience from this event and were hopefully able to help others with their engineering notebook.


FLL Tournament:

The FLL tournament took place at Discovery Middle School (Granger, IN). On December 2nd, Penn Robotics  volunteered to setup the tournament. In addition, we helped set up the pits, the fields, and the ftc field for the competition. On December 3rd, we demonstrated  our robots on our field . We showed parents and children, that attended the tournament, what FIRST is and with that what FTC is all about. We explained to them this year’s game (Relic Recovery) and the logistics to the game.  Subsequently, we talked to parents about the FIRST program and other questions concerning about the engineering programs that we provide at Penn High School.